Monday, 16 July 2018

How To Start A Bookstagram || + faves accounts to follow

Since I have hit 1K on instagram, I thought it would be cool doing this kind of post. Plus, I want to make some posts dedicated to books and social media, so it's perfect.

First thing to think about before signing in, is THE NAME. Here are some suggestions about:
     choose a short, original name. When it comes to names, I don’t remember anything, so it's better, in my opinion, if you’d use funny and curious ones. The kind people would remember without a doubt. I recommend using alliteration, which is the repetition of the same consonant sound.
     Search the name you have chosen, because it might be already taken or you could find a similar one and some people could get confused.
     If you are a person with no imagination like me, you could ask some help to your friends, or to internet. Fun Fact: I haven't came out my name myself, but a lovely Goodreads member helped me finding it. 

But hey, you can call yourself as you want, that's your bookstagram, after all.

Second thing you have to think about is A THEME. A theme is important, even when you don’t have a bookstagram account, a theme is what makes you different from the others. Example: a girl took inspiration from my feed (which is so flattering!) to start her own. Plus, people love when photos are aesthetic.

Examples of themes:
     A current background

When you have set your theme, you just have to take photos.

But with what? Anything! You don’t have to have an Iphone camera or a *insert expensive camera name here*. I actually took mine with a Samsung camera (so not a professional one) or sometimes with my sister’s phone, that has really good quality and it's a Samsung.

You can take photos with your phone, then. Just assure yourself the camera isn't shitty. Mine is 😅

Now you have a name, a feed, a camera, so you are ready to become a bookstagrammer. To start with photos, choose a cute background, whatever you like:

     A wooden one
     Outside: your garden/anything
     Your bookshelves
     Your desk
     Your room (I take a lot of photos on my bed)

And now props! Here are some ones:
     Origami (I recommend the channel Basteln mit Papier on YouTube, because despite not being a handy person, I managed to do some origami thanks to them. Also, thank to them, I remembered the term “basteln” for my German certification).
     Pages of books you don’t like anymore
     Your notebook/bullet journal
     Your computer/camera/eReader/phone
     Blankets, bookmarks/candles


Popular tags on bookstagram:

Okay, people! Let’s talk about editing: without it, I would be lost. I use free apps like Snapseed, but there are also VSCO, Pixlr, Lightroom CC, etc.

Now that you have taken pics and edited them, stalk people! I mean, like and comment on photos A LOT. Especially if you are new. Don’t be afraid to talk to people, they are all nice and welcoming. With a new feature, you can add your post to your story and people can tap on it and be straight at your post. I recommend to share it on your story, whenever you post.

ALSO: be active. You can have a life, but try to post once in a while. I post once everyday.

You could find some people offering “Shoutouts for Shoutouts” Do it! I think it’s a great way to get known.

Participate in book challenges! They are a lot and they can give you an idea, if you need inspiration.

So, let’s remind the ways to help you to get known:
     Stalk people
     Post a lot
     Join challenges
     Shoutouts for shoutouts/follow trains
     Share your post on your story
     Do book tags
     Hashtags!! You can use not more than 30 on instagram. If you have written a fabulous caption and you accidentally use more than 30, Instagram decides to erase the complete caption and adios to your perfect caption. So be careful!

Now, a list with SOME of my personal faves on bookstagram (they are a lot!):

I really hope I helped you! Do you have a bookstagram?? Write yours in the comments, and I'll check it out 💕


  1. This was very helpful for new accounts and also I'm honored to be one of your favorite Bookstagram. I'm Nora littlebibliophilegirl

  2. Great post! And I know about the theme only ...I am not consistent as I take pictures following my inspiration * sigh*

    1. I think that is still good! You don't have to follow a theme, if you don't want to, it's only your choice :) As long as you like the pics, it's okay, I think <3

  3. CRI! I LOVE your instagram feeds! I'm a color girl and am so inspired by your theme!! This is a timely post for me because I've been wanting to do more with my instagram account... Now I just need to take the pictures. ❤️

    1. Thank you, love <3 I am so glad this was useful for you, the bookstagram community is so nice and I really hope you get the chance to update your profile and make it just like you want. I am here, if you need something <3


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