Monday, 26 February 2018

Get to know me! || 25 Bookish Facts About Me Tag

So basically this is my first post ever! I decided to go with this tag because I find it very nice and it's an another way to get to know someone. For the ones who don't know this tag, it's pratically a list made up of 25 points related to books, but also to the reader (yay). I just hope this won't be as long as I think (don't desperate, I've got this): 

#1 Books and I have a difficult relationship: I started reading at Elementary school because of this thing my school used to do that was due to read more. Every two weeks we were supposed to go to the library (in the school) and pick up a book, read it (duh) and then two weeks later that we could bring it back and the librarian guy had to ask us some questions about the book. To make it short, I fell in love with my first book series ever -Fairy Oak series by Elisabetta Gnone-, but after finishing it just way after the last year of Elementary school, I dropped reading. I liked it so much it was traumatic to know I had actually finished all the books of the series. I haven't read a book from that moment until I read The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. I consider them both my first time(s), so I am always nostalgic when I think about them.

#2 I actually have read Harry Potter at the age of 14. I always feel sort of uncomfortable when people remember their childhood and their first thought is Harry Potter. I wish I had read it sooner, but I'm grateful for the books I have read at that time.

#3 I started reading in English only the last summer. I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child before, but that is a script and I, uhm, could not have searched all the words I didn't know (which I know, back to that time, were A LOT). Shame on me.

#4 My favourite genres are fantasy, contemporary and romance. Everything YA, but I am trying to read more classics.

#5 Am I the only one who really uses bookmarks? I feel guilty to let them be useless...

#6 You can call me monster, but I haven't read a series in order. Considering the fact I was 11/12, you could always forgive me, you know. I wanted to read so badly the first book, but another classmate of mine borrowed it and I was waiting for her. Guess what? I have never had the possibility to read that damn book. I'm still mad at her.


#7 I love writing reviews! It's my way to say things people won't listen to, to complain and to recommend some good ones!

#8 I can't read if in the room which I'm in someone talks or there is TV on.

#9 Everytime I go to the shopping centre, I always find myself in the bookstore. I wonder how this can happen.

#10 I'm shy as hell, but I could talk about books even with a stranger as long as I want to.

#11 I prefer hardcover because, please, look how pretty they are. The cons are the price and the fact sometimes it's so uncomfortable reading them.

#12 I have nothing against e-Readers (I use them so), but the experience of actual reading a physical book in your hands is magic and e-Rearders can't replace that feeling.


#13 Buying books online is cheaper and way more comfortable than buying in a bookshop, buuuuut I'm a unlucky girl and I can't buy them online.

#14 Thank God libraries exist!

#15 I sort my shelves by colour because of #aesthetic.

#16 Only lately I have tried to read more books at one, but one year ago I would have waited to finish the one in my currently shelf and then read another.

#17 My favourite time to read is late afternoon/evening. Everytime it rains, oh boy, I just want to grab a book and start it.

#18 My favourite place to read is on my bed or near the radiators, in winter.

#19 I try to not to eat or drink something while I am reading (my children could ruin because of their irrensposible mother), but I eat when I am not reading a physical book.

#20 Reading my TBR pile books will always be less attractive than re-reading my favourite ones. It's in the human nature fearing the unknown, right?

#21 Stand-alones are the easiest way to take a break from a series.

#22 I am not a so much coffee person. I only take a cup in the morning, but actually is latte.

#23 Instead, I love tea. I could drink cups and cups.


#24 I have read a little number of LGBT+ books, but I have plenty time (a lot of books actually) to catch on.

#25 I have read books because of I have seen them a lot on Tumblr (The Raven Cycle here).

I've told you we would have make it! What are some bookish facts about you? Let me know! Thanks for reading <3


  1. I love series, but stand-alones are great too. It's sometimes a relief to know that there can't be a cliffhanger at the end. ;)
    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. I love bookmarks! I plan on making my own soon to sell (if people still buy theM? either way I'll have 'em! haha).

    I read Harry Potter only a few years back in my late 20s :) I don't have the nostalgia of reading them as a kid, either. They were banned in my house due to my Dad's religious belief that they were evil o_O

    1. People do buy bookmarks! If I could buy them online, I would buy yours for sure!

      About Harry Potter books banned, seriously? What religion is it? Anyway, I am glad you had the choice of reading them :)

  3. So your about me page says that you live in the homeland of pizza, so you're Italian? I lived in Italy for a few years (Napoli) a long time ago.

    I don't drink coffee. I make iced tea by the gallon though.

    I prefer hardbacks to paperbacks. I do buy some ebooks though. I normally will buy foreign language books in ebook form (except I have Дивергент (Divergent) in Russian because it wasn't available in my country on the Kindle). I'll buy books on sale for the Kindle too (like when I see some well-known YA books that look interesting for $1.99 I won't pass that up). Library books are more convenient on the Kindle, so I usually check them out in digital form.

    I like bookmarks, but I tend to lose them, so I usually use scraps of paper. Like the receipt from the library.

    1. Yep, I am! I live near Rome :)

      Thank you for stopping by, Brooke!


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