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Voiceless by E.G. Wilson || Why do gorgeous book covers lie to us??

Title: Voiceless.
Author: E.G. Wilson.
My rating: 3/5 stars.
Release date: July 11th 2017.

I thank NetGalley for sending me a copy of this book to write an honest review.

THE PLOT: Addy is 13 years old when Maunga stole her voice. That isn’t a surprising event by the way, since an illness named Vox Pox is affecting many people where she lives. But Vox Pox doesn’t just make you voiceless, it takes away your creativity too. Now Addy has to live without a voice and without writing.

 E.G. Wilson’s debut has a great and original premise, but unfortunately it is just what it has. A premise. I could say I didn’t like how the story went because of what I was expecting, which was clearly not what I got. But the truth is this book doesn’t follow its plot or at least it struggles to. Of course the result for the reader is a confusion state of mind that brought me to repeatedly saying:”What am I reading? I just don’t get the point.” I know the confusion doesn’t come from the language which isn’t my mother tongue, but I have already experienced reading books in English and I can absolutely state it doesn’t have to do anything with that. It was pretty much frustrating to read, from this point of view. I wish it has a solid story, just to make the reader comfortable.

 The protagonist, Addy, is a weak character. She felt flat and boring and I wish the book was told by Seth, Theo or Maunga. They clearly had been more interesting than her. I feel like I didn’t get to know her at all. You know, after reading a book, you had the feeling you know the characters, butAddy felt a stranger to me from the beginning to the endingAnother weak point about characters, it is human interactions. Addy loves his brother a lot, but their bond remain a secret to the reader, just like the others that are only nearly developed, but not enough. If we did get to know those bonds, we could also comprehend their choices. Addy’s mostly.

 I don’t know if it’s because of the protagonist which I didn’t like at all, but almost 50% of the story resulted boring to me. I had no intentions to continue reading, but of course I did because I can’t DNF a netgalley book. The most interesting part was the start, when Maunga steals her voice, but that’s all. The reast of that 50%? Boredom and confusion. The second part made me want to continue because of the plot twists that occur in there. I struggled to finish it, though.

 If on the other hand I didn’t like Addy, my heart was hoping to see more of Maunga, Theo and Seth. That’s because the few that the book has shown, well… I enjoyed it. Maunga revels herself more than just an annoying and cliché bully; Theo is the character that interested me the most along with Seth, the ghost of the program. His story was such captivating and I liked this idea of ghosts.

 The book has a very unique setting, New Zealand. The names and places resultated to me fascinated, but also pretty hard to pronounce. I have never read a book set in New Zealand, so it was great to read one.

 Most of all, I appreciated the message the book wants to transmit. Addy through all the book seems to say “I am not my illness”. This is a very strong and important message to put in a book, especially in a YA, which is read mostly by young impressionable people. I have always thought that books have to set an example, they are, after all, still educational. For once, we have a book with a good message in it.

 There is no love interest! Finally I have found a book where it’s fine if the author doesn’t create a love interest for the female protagonist. Books do not must have a love interest to be actually interesting, that’s a point I would really much want to clarify, especially young adult ones.

In conclution: I think I’ll pick up the sequel, but I’m hoping to have more Theo and Maunga in it.

What do you think? Have you read this book and or you are going to? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I have read this book and hated it... I gave it 1 star, your points are similar to mine as well. I was hoping for something that I did not get and the whole book was endless, useless descriptions of things that have nothing to do with the plot and just aghhh...

    Anyway great review and glad to hear that you will be picking up the second book. Will be looking forward to your thoughts on it ^^

    1. Glad I'm not alone and thank you for reading my review!


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