Saturday, 7 April 2018

10 Things We all secretly do when we read a book

Hi, friends! Here I am with another post. This one is going to be about the things we all do where we are reading. These things may not be all applied to you because of course we are different human beings, sooo let me know what of these things you actually do!

Skipping sentences because you are so bored.


Going on Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook/any social media or internet to search things about the book you are currently reading, but haven't still finished. Result: you get spoiler.

Being on internet/goodreads instead of actually reading the book.


Going to the last page to see what pages the book is composed and casually reading the last sentences.

I find this following thing to happen to me more often when I am reading digital books: when you are reading a page, your eyes drop on the bottom of the page, not accidentally, and boom, spoiler!

Talking to the characters in the book because Steve won't be aware of the fact Gina is the love of his life and, ugh, #FrustrationDesperation

Crying like babies at some points, laughing like idiots at others. All this trying to not be thought of crazy while your mother is in the same room as you.

"How many pages has this chapter? If it has no more than 10, then I'll read also this one."

Using your finger as a bookmark because where the heck is the lovely bookmark you have bought for a lot of money??

Hugging the book because you have found an amazing new friend you've experienced a lot with.

Let me know which things you do the most! (Tell me I am not the only one, please).


  1. Ah haha i relate to #9 SO MUCH. I have a lot of nice bookmarks and yet can I ever find them?! of course not. 😂😂 Although I never read book endings but I DO skim boring middle parts if they're going on and on about something dull.😂

    Ahh haha I loved this!

    1. I'm so happy you liked it! Thank you for reading, Cait <3


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