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All the mangas I want to read || 2018 (I tried to be realistic)

In case you didn't know what a manga is, it's a great piece of art that mixes drawing and writing at the same time. To say it more generic, it's a Japanese comic.

Maybe you are wondering why am I talking about them in a book blog, but reader, even if mangas and comics/graphic novels are different from books, I consider them as 'reading'.

Why should you pick a manga up? Firstly, I think it's perfect for reading slumps. Why? Well, it has small text, duh. It also contains great illustrations that will make you feel twice terrible as a designer, but still. 

My favourite types of mangas are shoujo, they are basically contemporary books focused on teen love and feature adorable chracters. On the other hand, mangas focused on action are shonen ones. LGBT members and supportive people will enjoy Shōnen-ai -or Yaoi- (gays) and Shōjo-ai  -or Yuri- (lesbians). I will not mention erotic ones because #nothanks

After this introduction that anyone who has basic manga knowledge could have perfectly skipped, let's get into my list.

A Silent Voice #1 by Yoshitoki Oima

After watching the movie with my friend who has loved the manga, I came up with the conclusion to start reading it.

I loved how human psicology is analyzed; the characters are so deep. It deals with such heavy, but important topics like the female protagonist is bullied because she's deaf. Also suicide is treated.

Reading this can seem just heavy, but it has its adorable moments.

Of course, since I haven't read the mangas yet, my opinions are based only on the movie.

Blue Spring Ride #1 by Io Sakisaka

Actually, this would be a re-read. I only owned the first 4 volumes and recently bought two more.

I fell in love with this manga years ago, but the comic store didn't have the volumes I needed, so I just went to this fair in Rome, called Romics (Rome + comics, yeah) and found them in there.

This manga talks about a girl, Futaba, that after being isolated by her classmates in middle school because she was and is pretty, doesn't want to make that mistake anymore. Plus, she meets a guy she liked in middle school -Kou- and things will change.

Your Name by Makoto Shinkai

My sister owns the collection box, so I told myself, why not?

I haven't seen the movie, but I am really excited to read this.

This manga talks about a girl who lives in the countryside, Mitsuha, that always has wanted to live in town and a boy, Taki, that lives in Tokyo. One day, they dream to be respectively the other and it turns out it wasn't a dream at all.

Orange #1 by Ichigo Takano

Another manga that a friend of mine recommened to me. I saw a post on Tumblr on which the user said that made them cry, so why not? I'm used to suffer from fiction, so yeah.

The story follows a girl named Takamiya that receives a letter from herself 10 years in the future, saying that a classmate of her won't be there anymore 10 years later and that she has many regrets.

Intriguing, isn't it? Can't wait to read them!

I think it's enough. I am really in the manga mood, but reaslism is a thing I try to follow. I obviously hope to read these and even some more, but planning and actually doing nothing is what I usually do, so I'm trying to not push myself too much.

All the mangas are shoujo ones, what's your favourite type? Have you ever read one or would like to? I would love to read your answers!

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