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La Belle Sauvage (The Book of Dust #1) || We all love when our favourite authors are back

Title: La Belle Sauvage.

Author: Philip Pullman

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Release date: October 19, 2017.

So, I know I have been absent, but it was Easter and that meant a lot of homework (teachers still haven't figured out we are humans, not machines) and FOOD. Food somehow means family, so I couldn't be near the computer more than a few minutes. Instead, I worked a bit on my tumblr and setted a books reviewed page. If you want to take a look, just go ahead, let me know what you think!

I read this book back in January (here you can view my January wrap up), so maybe you are wondering why am I posting the review in April. The reasons why are two: 1) actually I wrote the review ages ago, but didn't posted on my Goodreads because I didn't translate it in Italian (yeah, I translate my reviews in Italian on GD). 2) this book wasn't created until the end of February and March was new releases month, therefore I had other books to review.

Enough with this long introduction and let's go to the actual review, hope you enjoy!

”He was liked when noticed, but not noticed much, and that did him no harm either.”

I can’t even express the joy of reading this book! My first approach of this author began three years ago when my father introduced me to His Dark Materials series, telling me he really liked it. I read and loved the trilogy. It wasn’t my first try of reading the series, though. I tried when I was 12 years old I think, but it was a little bit difficult for the lazy me of 5 years ago. It couldn’t be a huge amount of time, but I started reading serious books at 14. So yeah, let’s go back to a week ago, when I was studying Philosophy- exactly Socrates- this philosopher claimed that his soul (which he called, not freak out guys, deamon or daimon) told him what to not do, in order to do good to him. Obviously I freaked out and wanted to read His Dark Materials again -this act can be interpretated as a TBR murder actually- so I decided to be against TBR murder and remembered The Book of Dust came out and I have bought it and I hadn’t read it yet (I was ashamed of mysef).

For those who didn’t know, which I was part of since I have bought the book without even reading the plot, this is a prequel. Lyra is actually a baby in this one and –surprise- she is not the main character. In fact, the main character is a boy, Malcom, who lives in Oxford and who will take care of Lyra.

 The first thing I couldn’t help but be exicted of: another book set in this amazing and magical world. The world building was really well done in the first trilogy and The Book of Dust doesn’t disappoint in this point of view. At first it could be like a normal book, but trust me, it isn’t. The gorgeous writing style plus the great and vivid descriptions fit as well in this explaination. So, how I missed Philip Pullman’s ability and writing.

 Malcom is an amazing main character that is actually kind, intelligent and is a kind of character you can’t help, but love. I have never read of another character like him in any book. Ever. He also has this shades of beviour that make him complex and completely real and human being, which is not as common as it should be in books. In general, I found no flat characters and Malcom, in my opinion, is the strongest one, in this more real characters point of view.

 It was a little bit weird reading about a baby Lyra, but it was absolutely fun. The relationship that is created between Lyra and Malcom is one of my favourite. Malcom discovers himself loving and caring about this baby girl like no one else in the book, even the mother and the father. Of course he is the best guardian angel Lyra could ever get and now I am curious to find some references about him in the first trilogy.

 It was darker than I expected. But I liked it. Characters and events turn out to be a little bit more complicated and complex than I thought, but it is not a bad thing. Of course it makes the book a book that could not be read by children, but, despite the age of the main character, a fantasy young adult.

 Reading more than one book at time also made me understand the difference between this book that I really enjoyed and another one that unluckily isn’t one of my favourite. At first, I almost read 100 pages a day and that’s because it is so interesting! It never bored me , but things got a little bit slower than the beginning in the second part of the book, the reason why I can’t rate this book 5 stars.

If you haven’t read His Dark Materials yet, first I’m flattered you are reading my review and second go reading the trilogy! If you are wondering, in case this is a prequel, to start with this book, I have to say do not start with this one because it has BIG spoilers in it. If you want to read only this book, then yes, but the fact this is a prequel doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain spoilers of the main trilogy.

I end this review by letting you know guys it will be another book, published in 2018, that is set “twenty years after the events of La Belle Sauvage, and ten years after the events of the His Dark Materials trilogy.”
What do you think? Have you read this book or His Dark Materials series? Write a comment so I can know!

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