Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Spies, Lies, and Allies: A Love Story by Lisa Brown Roberts || a cute contemporary that is out today!

Author: Lisa Brown Roberts.

My rating: 4/5 stars.

Release date: May first, 2018.

Most importantly, I would like to thank NetGalley and publishers for allowing me to read this book. Thank you very much.

Summer comes early with this adorable contemporary!

I needed some fluffy contemporary and I am so happy publishers accepted my request. Don’t miss this book!

It talks about Laurel, a girl who is going to spend the summer at her dad’s company, hoping she will spend some time with her dad who is always working. In the meantime, at the company, 4 kids arrive to win a scholarship her dad promised them. But only one of them will win. Lauriel, whose vote will count twice, will be their assistant.

 I’ll start saying this is my first Lisa Brown Roberts book. As I was on Goodreads, I noticed she wrote more books I have never heard of before. If I had to compare her with most popular authors, I’d say fans of Jenny Han and Stephanie Perkins will definitely enjoy this bookThe author’s style is refreshing, fluid and funny. I have enjoyed all the book, but I admit it was a little hard to get used to her style. Maybe because, when I started the book, I wasn’t feeling that great because her style is easy, simple and perfect for writing about teenagers falling in love.

 Time to talk about the romance, because it is important. First of all, it’s a slow-burning romance, one of my favourite. It doesn’t matter how I will wait for them to kiss, slow burning romances are the ones that I most enjoy reading. Beside that, the main couple is so adorable I have just caught diabetes. I do think it’s a perfect summer read, and not only because it’s set in summer.

 But romance isn’t the only theme treated in the book, also the friendship between the interners and Laurel will melt your heart. Once Laurel starts getting to know all the interners, she will discover how different they are, compared on how she judged them on the first day. So yeah, along with the romance, also the friendship is slow burning. I loved the bond between each single one of them.

 Characters are all so enjoyable and cute, I don’t think you will hate anyone. The characterization isn’t so so much well done, buuut I liked it. It’s simple and maybe a little bit stereotyped, but well written.

 One of the things I also loved was Laurel and her dad’s bond. Parents are a hard theme in YAs and have pretty different roles, depending on how the authors want to be their books looking realistic. Look, I don’t know why, but authors seem to enjoy cutting parents scenes, If you are writing a YA and talking about teenagers, parents areimportant. They are sort of the first example the child receives and, most of times, the cause of their personality. All this to say the author of this book took seriously this important thing and I am glad she did.

 This book was damn funny and can we just talk about how much I love books that can make you laugh?? Of course books don’t have to be always educating, they can be an escape, what were you thinking?

 Lisa Brown Roberts gave justice to all the nerds by creating such amazing characters as the protagonist and Elijah, one of the interns. I lived for their Stars Wars references, I won’t lie. It was nice, for once, reading of a female – in this book even the protagonist- who likes films, books and, first of all, that isn’t stereotyped at all! I liked her and that is so weird of me, since I always dislike females in books.

✘ Lexi, Laurel’s best friend, was kind of cliché and flat. I feel sorry to say this, since I liked overall the book a lot, but have to. Not that I didn’t like her, she was just too muck ‘okay’ and not so defined as the others. In the book, one thing happens – if I told you, it would be a spoiler, so I keep my mouth shout- but it felt forced and completely unnatural for me. Above all, unnecessary and useless for the story.

So to buy or to not buy? If you like fluffy contemporaries and slow burning romance then yes, if you want a book a little bit more demanding, therefore try something else.

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