Ciao everyone, I'm Cristina!

I'm a student and in my free time also a reader. I live in the homeland of pizza, so of course one of my hobbies is eating. Trying to stay healthy at the same time, but that's hard. If I am not reading, I am on Netflix watching tv series like there wasn't a tomorrow. 

I enjoy writing book reviews, so you'll find a ton on my blog. Along with tags, recommendations, pieces of advice and everything bookish related.

I love reading fantasy books, but contemporaries are my guilty pleasure. I don't mind a good historical book and I'm obsessed over YAs, anyway I read some adult ones too.

Just letting you know that, despite I'm a very shy person, talking about books is the way of my life, so go send me a message.

You can find me on:

My review Policy:

If I accept reviewing the book you sent to me and it turns out to a be a negative read, I will not say lies and I'll try to be completely -and civilly- honest. So, if you don't want your book to be judged negatively, don't ever send it to me at all. As I previously said above, I enjoy reading fantasy, contemporary, historical fiction YAs. Also some not-so-much new adult ones (I don't like reading about explicit sex). I'd like to read them in PDF format. 

You can contact me at this email:

5 stars = Beyond perfection
4 stars = Reeeally liked it
stars = Liked it, nothing special
stars = It's ok
star = Didn't like it at all

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